Updates and Fixes
Version Date Desc
1.0015 06/27/2011 Fixed the logout javascript in the pilots module
1.0014 01/29/2011 Added a logout confirm box in the pilots module
1.0013 01/29/2011 Added javascript model box to display aircraft pictures in pilot module
1.0012 01/28/2011 Added a color shift mouseover hover to pilots on the calendar
1.0011 01/28/2011 Fixed pilots ground sessions so in correct columns on home page
1.0010 01/28/2011 Fixed display bug created from fix 1.0004
1.0009 01/27/2011 Fixed loop error in FBO module home on days of no instructors time
1.0008 01/26/2011 Fixed device detection on non mobile not to display type before redirect
1.0007 01/25/2011 Fixed calendar view so blank row isn't drawn on months ending on end of week
1.0006 01/25/2011 Fixed URL hover in pilots schedule block
1.0005 01/23/2011 Fixed main tabs in pilots module so URL is entire tab
1.0004 01/22/2011 Fixed full dates which didn't displaying properly in FBO module
1.0003 01/19/2011 Added all 50 states and added more aircraft manufacturers to dropdowns
1.0002 01/10/2011 Fixed the URL calendar display in pilots. URL hover did not include the whole calendar square.
1.0001 01/09/2011 Added mobile device optimized site for pilots
1.0000 08/15/2010 General Production Release
0.0951 10/25/2007 Final Beta Release
0.0790 03/04/2006 General Beta Release