On-Demand FBO Aircraft Scheduling Solution

The Main Ramp delivers a powerful, easy-to-use Online Aircraft Scheduling (OAS) product.

We offer an architecture that empowers a Fixed Base of Operation, Flying Club, or independent instructor to experience the benefits of on-demand scheduling throughout its entire organization.

Using The Main Ramp you can easily:

Track all aspects of your scheduling. Book instructors and aircraft from the same online portal. Take aircraft off the line for maintenance or scheduled service. Block off holidays and line out instructors for days or a few hours.
Manage Use The Main Ramp to manage all aspects of your schedule and fleet. Track the aircraft tach time for next service. See students endorsements and medical information. Deny pilots or students who lack endorsements from booking solo time.
Maximize the time aircraft are being rented by allowing students and pilots to see and book realtime into the schedule.
The Main Ramp architecture represents a foundation for on-demand scheduling. Built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered on the Internet. The components of The Main Ramp work together seamlessly to deliver the core value of on-demand - the ability to manage and schedule aircraft easily and efficiently.